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General Dental Council - 0207 887 3800

The General Dental Council is the regulatory body that oversees the practice of dentistry and dental practitioners in the UK. It exists as a statutory body under the Dentist Act 1984 and maintains the safe and ethical aspects of dentistry and those professionals who practice dentistry. It issues guidance on the maintenance of standards within dentistry and the staff at Parkers Dental Practice seek to adhere to these standards. For more information on the General Dental Council, visit

British Dental Health Foundation

The Foundation is the leading UK-based independent charity working to bring about improved standards of oral health care - both in the UK and around the world. The Foundation has a 37 year track record of providing objective and unbiased advice, information and recommendations for action to the general public, press, dental profession and politicians.

The Foundation aims to serve the public interest by improving awareness of, and access to, the means of maintaining better oral health, visit

British Dental Association - 0207 563 4563

The British Dental Association represents dentists and ancillary professionals and their dealings with the public. For more information on the activities of the Association, visit

Care Quality Commission (UK)

The Care Quality Commission is the independent watchdog for health care in England and it promotes improvement in the services provided by independent health care organisations. Parkers Dental Practice is registered through its use of Class IV lasers. To access the CQC web site, visit:

Smoking Cessation

Smoking is a recognised major factor in the progression of disease in the mouth, from gum disease through to oral cancer. The Practice is committed to provide support for those wishing to cease smoking. Additional help may be sought at:



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