Treatments - Hygienist / Gum Disease

This Practice is committed to personal dentistry, to meet the needs of the individual with appropriate treatment. Some patients will require occasional simple stain removal and others, more frequent care to contain an otherwise progressive gum disease.

keeping teeth healthy with the Hygienist / Gum Disease prevent and manage gum disease and tooth decay with regular hygienist visits Parkets dental practice is committed to personal dentistry

The consequences of plaque build-up are gum disease, tooth decay, other acute infections of the mouth and bad breath. Gum tissue in contact with long-term plaque and tartar deposits will change from firm, healthy, pink tissue, into a swollen, inflamed structure liable to bleeding on brushing and breakdown. Given time, this change will lead to a deeper breakdown in the tooth socket with possible tooth mobility and eventual tooth loss.

We undertake to provide adjunctive surgical treatment of gum disorders, including laser treatments and grafting procedures, to help restore damaged areas of natural tooth support.